Sydney: 175 First Avenue, Five Dock 2046
Adelaide : 4/465 Pulteney St, Adelaide 5000


Potato fries – 1190

Hand cut chunky fries with our special seasoning

Fancy fries – 1490

A cheeky twist on our homemade potato fries

  • Peanut power (Crushed peanuts, satay sauce(P)
  • Mayo madness (Mayonnaise, onion, spring onion)
  • Spicy sensation (Buffalo sauce, spicy mayo, jalapeno)

Sweet potato fries – 1290

For something a little different hand cut sweet potato with special seasoning and homemade garlic aioli

Avocado fries – 1290

A must try for Avocado lovers – crispy avocado fries served with aioli

Crispy chicken fries – 1190

Our homemade vegan chicken strips served with delicious spicy mayo

Comes with mayonnaise, lettuce, onion & tomato 

Burger bun – 1890

Filling  +

  • Sweet potato patty
  • Beetrice patty
  • Veggo classic patty
  • Vegan chicken

Sauce + 

  • BBQ
  • Buffalo
  • Satay (P)
  • Garlic aioli


  • Vegan cheese – 100
  • Avocado – 150
  • Pineapple – 100
  • Jalapeno – 100

Eggplant parmy –  2090  (N/S)

The original parmigiana: 2 Eggplant schnitzels topped with homemade tomato-based sauce, vegan cheese & served with chips and salad

Lentil salad – 1390  (GF)

Brown lentils, cucumber, spinach, sundried tomato, onion, avocado

Garden salad – 1190  (GF)

Lettuce, cherry tomato, onion, olives, cucumber with balsamic vinegar dressing


Peanut roti roll – 690 (P)

Roti rolled with homemade satay sauce crushed peanuts

Spring rolls (3 pieces) – 1290

Made on premise; our spring rolls served with sweet chili sauce will leave you wanting more

Satay tofu skewers (3 pieces) – 1090 (P)

Skewers of fried tofu served with lashings of satay sauce

Satay vegan chicken (2 pieces) – 800

Skewers of vegan chicken served with lashings of satay sauce

Tofu fritters – 1090 

Battered tofu slices are fried; seasoned and served with tomato dipping sauce

Veggo supremo balls (2 pieces) – 890

Made on premise: These deliciously satisfying balls consists of cauliflower, cabbage, carrot, spring onion and various herbs and spices served with spicy buffalo sauce

Vegan buffalo wings (2 pieces) – 800

They come from near and far to experience the Veggo Sizzle buffalo wings – a must have

Tom yum – 2190  (GF)

An authentic hot and sour tom yum broth filled with mixed vegetables, tofu, flat rice noodles and sprinkled with crushed peanuts

Tom kha – 1590  (GF)

Thai soup made with coconut milk and flavoured with lemon and filled with mix vegetables and tofu

Laksa – 2290

Everyone’s favourite, our mildly spicy soup is a hunger buster filled with mixed vegetable, tofu and hokkien noodles

Stir fry – 1750 (GFO)

Seasonal vegetables and tofu stir-fried with a variety of homemade sauces

  • Cashew nut stir fry (N/S)
  • Basil chili stir fry with (Tofu / Vegan chicken)
  • Green vegetables stir fry
  • Veggo ginger stir fry
  • Veggo peanut stir fry (P)

Potato & pea curry – 1790

A flavour packed potato and pea curry in spicy sauce made with traditional Indian spices

Eggplant lentil curry – 1790 (GF)

Chargrilled eggplant and brown lentils simmered with flavoursome spices and herbs

Chickpea & Vegetable curry – 1790 (GF)

Chickpea & vegetables simmered in rich sauce of tomato, onion and warming spices

Vegan chicken masala – 1790

Our homemade vegan chicken cooked in red gravy with a variety of spices

Thai red curry – 1790 (GF)

Aromatic red curry and coconut milk with mixed vegetables and tofu

Thai green curry – 1790 (GF)

Aromatic green curry and coconut milk with mixed vegetables and tofu

Steamed rice 400

Coconut rice 590

Garlic rice 590

Rice noodles 350

Hokkien noodles 350

Roti 320

Garlic roti 350

Chow mein – 1990 (N/S)

Spicy stir-fried hokkien noodles, mixed vegetables and tofu cooked with ginger and sesame seeds

Schezwan noodles – 1990

Vegetables, tofu and hokkien noodles stir-fried in our bold and spicy schezwan sauce made in house

Pad thai – 1990  (P)

Flat rice noodles, vegetables and tofu sautéed in homemade sweet and sour sauce, topped with peanuts

Drunken noodles – 1990 (GFO)

(Hokkien / Flat rice noodles)

Your choice of noodles, vegetables and tofu tossed in basil and our special spicy sauce

Singapore fried noodles – 1990 (GFO)

Popular stir fried curried thin rice noodles with different vegetables, tofu and vegan chicken

Asian fried rice – 1790 (GF)

Basmati rice stir fried with vegetables and tofu

Spicy rice – 1890 (GFO)

Basmati rice stir fried with vegetables, tofu and various herbs and spices

Vegan chicken fried rice – 1990

Basmati rice cooked with different vegetables, spices and vegan chicken

Tom yum fried rice – 1890 (GFO)

Basmati rice fried with Thai tom yum flavours, vegetables and tofu

Satay fried rice – 1990 (GFO) (P)

Basmati rice fried with homemade satay sauce, vegetables and tofu

Sizzling supreme – 2490

Deliciously satisfying Veggo supremo balls, mushroom and tomatoes cooked in a thick, flavoursome sauce made with ginger, garlic and other spices, served on a bed of rice

Sizzling fries – 2490

For spice-lovers, try this dish of our homemade potato fries stir-fried with chilli, ginger and various flavours, served on a Sizzling hot plate

Sizzling tofu or eggplant – 2490

Battered and deep-fried tofu cooked with carrot and capsicum in a thick, full flavoured sauce; served with side of rice

Sizzling satay – 2490 (P)

(Vegan chicken / Veggo supremo balls)

Vegan chicken or Veggo supremo balls served with vegetables, rice and topped with our well renowned flavor packed satay sauce

Coconutty penne pasta – 2490

Penne pasta, mushroom, peas, sundried tomato cooked in a thick and creamy coconutty sauce simmered with Italian herbs

Sizzling noodles – 2490 (P)

Stir fried hokkien noodles, vegetables and tofu topped with house-made satay sauce

Chocolate lovers delight – 1380 (GF) (N/S)

A decadent chocolate avocado mousse with a base of date and nuts, topped with vegan ice cream

Caramelized coconut banana – 1290

Coconut coated and deep-fried banana served with vegan ice cream and lots of caramel sauce

Mango sticky rice – 1290  (GF)

Sticky rice topped with mango slice and served with vegan ice cream

Roti royale – 1580

Freshly cooked roti bread topped with banana & whipped cream, served with vegan ice cream and chocolate syrup

Refresher – 790

  • Namaste – Homemade lemonade with ginger, mint, black salt and sugar
  • Berry splash – Crushed blueberry, strawberry, pineapple and mint

Juice – 790

  • Green & clean – Celery, spinach, cucumber, apple, ginger
  • Rejuvenator – Apple, carrot, beetroot, lemon, ginger
  • Immunity – Apple, carrot, orange, ginger

Smoothie – 790

Almond milk extra 070

  • Mango lassi – A vegan take on famous Indian lassi, made with sweetness of mango, almond milk, cardamom & cashews
  • Chocolate peanut butter – Chocolate, peanut butter, dates, banana, soy milk
  • Electro blue – Blueberry, strawberry, banana, soy milk

Non-alcoholic beverages

  • Spring / Sparkling water – 300
  • Soft drink can (Coke / Coke no-sugar / Sprite)- 320
  • Ginger beer – 490


  • Asahi – 790
  • Corona – 890
  • Tooheys Extra Dry– 790
  • Heineken – 890
  • James Boag’s Premium- 890
  • Crown Lager- 790


  • The Macallan – 1890
  • Johnnie Walker – Blue Label – 2290
  • Johnnie Walker – Double Black – 1290
  • Jack Daniel’s – 890
  • Canadian Club – 890

Wine – Glass / Bottle


  • Yalumba Sangiovese Rosé – 690 / 1890
  • Temple Bruer Shiraz (Organic) – 890 / 2990
  • Gemtree Uncut Shiraz (Organic) – 1090 / 3590


  • Yalumba Riesling – 690 / 1890
  • Nature’s Step Sauvignon Blanc (Organic) – 790 / 2490
  • Patricia Pinot Noir Chardonnay Brut Sparkling – 4990


  • Old fashioned whiskey – 1590
  • Mojito – 1390

BYO (Wine only) – $5.00 per person

BYO and alcoholic beverages are only available at FiveDock, Sydney.

(GF) – Gluten free

(GFO) – Gluten free option available

(N/S) – Contain nuts or sesame seeds

(P) – Contain peanuts

For any allergy / special requirement please let our friendly staff know at the time of placing the order. All precautions are taken to ensure we meet any dietary requirement but please note that all dishes are made using the same equipment and may contain traces of other ingredients.

10% Surcharge on Sunday / 15% Surcharge on Public holiday / Takeaway container 50₵ each

No split bills thank you